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Aadios SystemsTM is a leading Web Application development company based in Sierra Leone. Our vision is to provide businesses in Sierra Leone and beyond its border with the technology they need to compete in a Web-based world and maximize their business dreams.

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The team of Aadio Systems is creating new possibilities for businesses to excel with our enhanced range of designs and ideas. Our developers use the latest methods to create your websites and applications. We strive towards providing the best services to you with our marketing experience and brand enhancement methods.

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We provide the most successful business plans to reach out to the right audience for your business. Our techniques have been tried and trusted by our satisfied customers.


We provide a wide range of original designs and concepts for the website or application layouts with new age animations.


Our marketing team is with your company, 24×7. We aim towards connecting your business with the right audience around the world.


Our back end works with the same passion as our front end. Our developers make sure that their programs run smoothly and look amazing.

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We are focused upon building a strong foundation for you in the digital world. With us, you will explore the new possibilities of spreading your campaigns to the uncharted areas of the internet.

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Our animation methods run on the latest engines in the market, and our creators have a distinguished level of expertise always to generate a new concept for each of our customers. They never fail to surprise the eyes of the beholder.


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Our company has worked with “Aadio Systems.”  Long enough to say that the service is of the highest standards. There are so many possibilities to explore under the professional assistance of an experienced digital marketing team, which we had no idea about until now. Our business is booming, and our website application plays a big hand in our success.

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The Best Knee Sleeves For Basketball

Any professional player will vouch to the fact that their legs are their assets and it is their responsibility to keep them protected from any injury. This the reason you will see players wearing a knee sleeve as it protects their legs from wear and tears. This is also effective for recreational players who are playing the game as a layer of protection from any direct impact to their knee. An ankle sleeve also provides the right amount of protection for your ankles, check complete details here.

The importance of knee sleeves

As knee sleeves are made from very tight flexible materials, it provides compression to your knees, increases blood flow, which helps faster recovery, reduces pain during stress and also improves proprioception. Check out ballersguide.net if you are looking for the best ankle brace for basketball.

Some best basketball knee sleeves in the market

Nike Pro combat knee sleeve

Nike Pro combat knee sleeve

Nike gives you the best knee sleeves which warms your muscles, compress and ready for action. A good knee sleeves if you have to deal with a lot of chronic pain caused by tendons due to the excessive stress put on it. Nike provides with great knee sleeves if you are looking for sleeves that are good looking and also provides pain relief. You need knee sleeves as your training aid, check out https://www.ballersguide.net/best-basketball-training-aids-and-equipment/ to know their importance.

Shock doctor 865 knee sleeves

Shock doctor is known for its high-quality protective pieces of equipment. They offer a wide variety of knee sleeves from affordable to high end, depending on what your issue is. It gives a very comfortable fit, especially while you are playing basketball as it is specifically designed for athletes who have to face light to moderate pain due to inflammation.

McDavid 6440 HEX knee pad

McDavid 6440 HEX knee pad

They are often referred to as padded knee sleeve as they provide with the benefits of sleeves with padding that protects from any impact. In addition to this, it is designed in a which is light and also provides with cushioning that is surprisingly safe. They offer these padded knee sleeves in pairs, in a very affordable price tag.

McDavid 6446 HEX padded compression leg sleeve

This is a larger sleeve than the one mentioned before, and this provides additional compression to the calves as well as providing a better fit. It is padded and provides protection from bruises and additional confidence. A lit bit expensive but as it comes in a pair which makes the purchase more tolerable. With it being the best in the department of compression and fit, you will definitely want to make this investment.

5 Tips To Save Electricity At Home

Are you looking for tips on how to save electricity at home? If you are, then you’re not alone. Due to the rising costs of energy, many people for ways to reduce their electricity bills and save some money. In this article, we will discuss easy and simple ways to reduce your monthly energy bills. All that is needed on your part is changing your habits and using your common sense. These tips will go a long way in lowering your electricity bills and saving you lots of money.


Turn Off Lights When Not in Use

As simple as it seems, most people overlook this important tip. What they don’t know is that switching off lights can significantly reduce their bills. If you’re leaving the room, remember to switch off the light. Encourage everyone in your family especially kids to always remember to turn off lights when they’re not using them.

For more tips: how to save money on gas and electricity bills!

Unplug Electronic Appliances


When leaving your home for some time, ensure that you unplug electronic items such as computers, televisions and video games. If you leave them on, they’ll continue consuming power and you will have high bills at the end of the month. Learning to be disciplined, save electricity and save yourself from high bills.


Use Energy Efficient Appliances


If you’re currently using high power bulbs, consider replacing them with fluorescent ones. Some bulbs which consume more power than others; replace them with low power bulbs. Also, check your household items and see their energy consumption. Older items generally consume more power than newer appliances. Replace your older items which consume more energy with newer items that consume less energy.


Encourage Quick Showers


Children love playing in the water. However, as parents, you need to educate your kids on the need to save electricity and encourage them to take quick baths rather than long baths. Also, refrain from heating a bath heating a bath because it consumes more power than a shower.


Improve Cooling and Heating Efficiency


To improve your cooling and heating efficiency, work on your home’s insulation. Most of your home’s heat is lost through the doors, windows, and roof. Work on insulating these parts of your home and then proceed to the walls. By giving enough attention to your home’s insulation, you’ll save as much as thirty percent on your electricity.


Make use of these tips and you’ll make significant improvements in saving electricity at home.


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